Friday, April 18, 2014

Holly // The Before & After

Hey Everyone! Well it's Good Friday and since I had a few minutes I decided to post a quick before/after shot of a photo I re-edited a couple weeks ago. I actually took this photo of Holly back in 2011 and it always bothered me how her skin tone and eyes were super cloudy and saturated. I recently ran across a YouTube clip on Phlearn's channel and decided to use the technique on this photo for fun. See below for my comparison. As you can tell her her skin is much smoother and her whole face is brighter. I will add the link below if you're interested to go check it out yourself. 

Until next time.....

                                          Happy Framing!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Garage Sessions // Alyssa Shaie

I'm sure most of us can all relate to the boredom and winter blues that set in somewhere after Christmas. The Holidays are over and we are ready for Spring, or unless you are like me.... I say "Bring on Summer! Earlier this year I decided to set up a studio shoot in my garage. I had a friend come over and below are some of my favorite shots. We both had a blast and I cannot wait to have her model for me again. Recently, Alyssa was nominated to compete in Ms. Missouri Jr. Teen. I am super excited for her and wish her the best of luck this June! All you readers out there better keep your fingers crossed for her too! 

                                 Until next time....Happy Framing!!