Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Big Easy

Several months have passed, but it's never too late to reminisce on your favorite vacations. New Orleans last year would be one of those times. It's a city swallowed up in old world history, charm, food, alcohol, and pleasure (take that as you will). If I could visit every year I would- there is no other place quite like it. One of my favorite things was simply walking the streets- listening to the street musicians and perusing the artwork with a Pat O'Brien's Hurricane in hand. I have to say, seeing a tarot card reader on the same street corner as a gospel group was quite the oddity- both perfectly getting along within only a few feet of each other.  The food was phenomenal- you just cannot beat Johnny Po-Boy's or a Muffaletta from Central Grocery. We stayed mostly in the French Quarter area outside of a couple tours- one being out to the swamps. I never thought I would be that close to a gator in real life- what an experience! Or to see it's nest and some eggs about two days away from hatching. Make sure you hop on a street car and go out to City Park. It was gorgeous- the Oak trees were massive and of course we stopped off for some coffee at the Morning Call Cafe. Near the end of our trip we visited the famous St. Louis Cemetery #1. We had been advised to make an early AM stop as the blacktop gets extremely hot by late morning. Of course we were on high alert for the "supposed resting place" of Marie Laveau- the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Her grave is covered in various trinkets and mysterious symbols. Many believe she was simply a smart woman  and always current with the local gossip- and I do agree with them. But I digress...the good times truly do roll in the this marvelous city and I hope to enjoy many more trips to the Big Easy. The paragraph above doesn't even begin to describe the marvelous adventures in their entirety.

Until next time...Happy Framing!

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