Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Circus Came to Town!

Well, here we are already at summer's end with kids going back to school and what not, and I am still trying to catch-up on photo edits from several months ago. Earlier this Spring, a long time friend of mine and fellow photog invited me to visit the circus when it came to his local town. Never ever having been to a circus, I was excited and eagerly accepted the invitation. We had a great time and I very much look forward to the next opportunity of this type! Below is a peek at some of what we captured during the 2- 3 hour show, we both were sharing/swapping cameras so it is all a blur to pin point exactly who took what shots. Feel free to follow the Flickr link below to see more than what is shown here. In a couple days I will be on my way to New Orleans for several days and then to Galveston Texas with friends. So I do apologize in advance because I need to add more photos to the link. If I do not get to it before I go, I will for certain when I return. Until then...

Happy Framing!!